Friends, I (Amy) recently had the pleasure of celebrating the birth of two gorgeous gals. They’re big, they’re beautiful, and they’re both feverishly vying for my attention. One has loved me for more than two decades, yet it’s the newer, other woman who has truly captured my heart.

I must have a thing for geriatric dames, because each rang in their 145th and 236th birthdays on July 1st and 4th, respectively.

Ok, ok … enough with the cryptic doublespeak: in this case my lovers take the form of America (my stalwart provider), Canada (my sexy new siren), and one silly international boarder which is currently the bane of my existence.

Anyone who knows me even a little is familiar with my affection for our great white neighbor to the north. It’s a fascination that took shape years ago, once I realized that so much of the music I love comes from America’s Hat. But what started as an innocent crush on Canada’s politics and music grew to full-blown love affair status after a visit to Toronto last October.

Since then, I’ve been back three times. I’m planning to move there.

After my most recent stay last week, I’ve seen clearly that my next chapter will be in Canada. But every time I think about leaving my loved ones, and all that I’ll be giving up, I have to pause for an emotional moment complete with feminine “boo-hoos” and glistening tears. Still, this nagging just won’t quit.

It’s a strange state I now find myself in. Feeling semi-detached from Austin, but not physically present in my future locale. I guess at this point, my only choice is to chalk it up to the universe and trust her to lead me in the direction of my dreams.

So Canada, this mixtape is for you, and it’s comprised of your citizens. My favourite ones.

Canada Day by Amy Haley on Grooveshark