This is pretty neat: Apartment Therapy featured our home on their site yesterday!

Our house is iddy biddy, and Ross and I have to decorate on a small budget. A lot of our stuff is either thrifted, purchased at vintage stores here in Austin, or handmade by Ross himself. So when AT approached us about featuring it, I was a little nervous … as decor-wise, we’ve certainly got a long way to go. But in the end I decided: Oh well!  We’ve been living here for a year now, and it’ll be nice to have some pretty pictures of the house.

The verdict?  Well, honestly, the comments section is mixed on our execution! But that’s OK. Style is all about individuality. And you know what the best part was?  Getting to know AT photographer / writer Chris Perez, who has a terrific blog of his own: MetropoChris.  He does “behind the scenes” posts of some of his AT shoots, and I am in love with this one by fellow Austinite, Jamie Graham. Talk about two cute blogs (and people), huh?