We’re doing something rad this week on Austin Eavesdropper.  Pret-ty, pret-ty (Larry David voice) rad.

A JEWELRY GIVEAWAY!  A $100 jewelry giveaway, at that.

It’s for local jewelry design house VINCA, created by artist Amanda Dimova. Amanda creates all these quirky little designs, with things like keys, unicorns, wooden teeth (we’ll discuss those teeth in a moment). Basically, it’s for my favorite kind of fashionista: The one who doesn’t take herself so seriously.

I also want to tell you about local photographer Jennifer Stamps, who was so kind to take these pictures for me.

You guys, shooting with Jennifer was such a blast. I highly recommend her to anyone needing wedding photography, graduation photography, even boudoir photography (ooh la la). She is bubbly, warm, and handy with that camera.

True story, I didn’t take these earrings out for a few days. I was just getting such positive feedback!  People would look at the side of my head, squint their eyes, move closer as they tried to determine if those were, in fact, teeth in my ears … “whoa, awesome,” I’d hear them murmur.

It’s possible I imagined that last part. Either way, my vanity demanded I keep them in, and when my vanity demands anything, I listen.

This contest is for $100 worth of jewelry at Vinca — perfect for your hip lady friend, hip kid, or hip SELF! To enter:

1. Like Vinca Jewelry on Facebook.

2. Like Jennifer Stamps Photography on Facebook.

3. If you haven’t already, like Austin Eavesdropper on Facebook.

And you are done!  I will pick a winner from the entree who “likes” all 3 of us, and announce the winner next Tuesday, June 19.

Good luck!