LOVE IS A MIXTAPE: Dreaming My Dreams Edition


I (Amy) recently had the opportunity to take a stroll with my sweet Papaw. We started at one end of a sparsely populated beach, chatting happily as we made our way down the shoreline. At one point, we sank down to the sand, just sitting for a moment to marvel at the cresting waves … when, all of a sudden, there was a flurry of activity in the distance.

A dolphin sprang from the water, and along with it, a jellyfish. They were caught in what appeared to be an oceanic embrace, but more startling, were also bathed in Technicolor. As we watched the pair drift up into the sunset, I was surprised by the lack of, well, surprise I felt about the whole scene.

In fact, what was most startling was the blare of my 6:45 am alarm clock, ripping me off the beach and into waking life.

In truth, my grandfather passed two summers ago. But moments like these remind me that our connections with lost loves never really dissolve, but merely changes forms. I think our dreams are just reminders of a reality we fail to perceive in our waking lives. A reality in which we get to experience the full potential of our limitlessness, commanding our surroundings to match our desires.

Now, what my subconscious mind desires (aside from Lisa Frank style aquatic life) is partially unknown to me. This is why I’ve taken up the practice of journaling my dreams each morning: I figured it was about time to show my nocturnal adventures some reverence by recounting them, and try to pluck the pearls of wisdom from their storylines.

And while dreams, being the elusive creatures that they are, don’t always reveal their tells without some digging, I’d like to recommend we all take a cue from our lucid states and make it a priority to approach each day with that same boundless creativity.

As for this gal, to live in a realm where all my senses are fully alive, active, and aiding me to experience the richness of my own imagination is definitely a place I am grateful to reside – even if it is just for a few hours.

With that, I say we listen in on a few songs which speak to the wonder of dreams, and in the words of Blood Diamonds (see track #1) “I hope your dreams are as good as mine, and I hope you sleep just fine.”

Dreaming my Dreams by Amy Haley on Grooveshark