I’ve been meaning to share my friend Fannie’s tattoo with you, Reader, because it really is just beautiful.

Fannie got this tattoo to remind her of the qualities she looks for in a person’s heart. What a great concept, right?

I’ve been thinking of writing a post called “10 Ways to get Offline” or something like that, and “getting a tattoo” has been floating around in my mental list lately of alternate activities you can do rather than surf the web.  (Probably because I’m craving another tattoo, and just haven’t had the discipline yet to save up for it.)

In the meantime, check out this interesting article I came across in the New York Times about a computerless private school in Silicon Valley, where the CTO of eBay, employees from Apple, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and etc. all send their kids. Is there a direct correlation between how imaginative you are, and the amount of unplugged time you have in your day?  That’s what those tech-savvy parents think.  I’m inclined to agree.

As a blogger, it’s easy to carry around a gadget all the time, documenting your life constantly so that you can go share it on the web.

But I crave — and maybe this is part of a larger, collective craving — much, MUCH more time spent not fiddling on a gadget or typing on a computer, but being offline completely.  Just experiencing life as it comes to me. I know I know, the irony! What a curmudgeonly blogger! However, as this other New York Times article suggests, those draw-you-in, immersive social media networks (Facebook) may soon lose their luster.  The “get offline” apps (Foursquare) are in fact a reaction to those.  I’ve never been a checker-inner, but I do see the beauty in simply logging on one time, then putting away your phone and eating your dinner.

I’m not sure I’ll ever stop blogging (I like to write too much), but I do think this past year and a half, of doing aerial silks, yoga, samba, and other offline hobbies has made me a lot happier. Funny, because I used to think that happiness was a famous blog.

This post reminds me of another I’ve been meaning to do, “Cell Phone Etiquette” (and then I really will have made it full-circle to my inner Emily Post / School Marm). But we’ll get to that eventually. I’d love to hear from you though if you have an opinion: Are you craving more offline time? OR has Internet-fatigue not hit you yet?  (Nor will it ever?)