My, would you look at all those words!


Exciting news, everybody. On Monday evening, intrepid Austin American-Statesman tech reporter, Omar Gallaga, and I will divulge secrets to online writing. This is for the monthly meet-up of Online News Association: Austin, and our talk will be held in the hallowed halls of the Statesman itself.

It starts at 7:00pm, and you can find full details here. If the guaranteed charm and sass of Omar and I aren’t enough to entice you, there will also be free tacos and tea.

Since I switched blogging platforms in March, I’ve been really meaning to fill out the “Writing” tab you see above, but it just hasn’t happened yet. So at this presentation, I’ll share some of the writing homes I’ve been fortunate to work with recently, from, to the blog of our local NPR affiliate, to In each of those outlets, I’ve had to adapt my writing voice to fit the assignment and the audience, while still keeping an inner, core “Tolly” in all of it. At KUT News for example, I wrote just-the-facts-ma’am local news updates; for, I do reviews of local businesses (here‘s a review of Vita Wellness); and for, I wrote a story about attending a naked yoga class. Yeah. I totally did that.

So, this talk will be partly about scoring gigs, partly about discovering your voice, and very much about adjusting your voice when needed. If you’re in Austin and interested in writing online, I hope you can make it!

Omar have been planning our talk this week, and I gotta say I’m a little giddy. We still have a few edits to make though, so Omar if you’re reading this, I’ve got just three words for you: