While playing around on the Internet last night, I stumbled across the most delightful thing: A collection of Claire’s artwork from Six Feet Under.

Did you all watch the late, lamented Six Feet Under?  Oh, I hope you did.  Whenever I meet another Six Feet Under fan in the wild, one of us will eagerly say: “Did you see the final episode??” and then we’re both right there, back on that very day that each of us watched it, reliving that unspeakably beautiful montage on Six Feet Under‘s series finale, and then we are bonded, the two of us, forever.

(If you’ve never seen Six Feet Under before, please note how rarely the words “unspeakably beautiful” and “montage” appear in the same sentence, and use that as your impetus to go rent it on Netflix.)

Anyway, Claire — one of the characters on the show — grows up before our eyes, and spends a good many seasons going to art school. Seeing some of her photographs and school projects made me so nostalgic, that I thought it might be a treat for you too.

Do you remember the torn-up-photos-on-faces project?  I remember thinking at the time how simple and brilliant that idea was.

So … while we’re reminiscing … anyone else here but us Six Feet Under fans?  No?

(OK, I think we’ve lost ’em. Fans: Back to the afore mentioned final episode thing above, one of my favorite things to do with people is to talk about which little section of that montage emotionally slayed you the most. Mine was definitely KEITH, oh my God, and then David “sees” him playing football with their adopted sons!! I seriously have to fight back tears just thinking about it! What about you?)