So, I’m just a teensy bit floored with the woman who created these.

Artist Ellen Heck is a friend of a friend of mine, and is one of those women so young and accomplished — a gallery artist, and not even 30! — that it makes my head spin.

This is part of a collection called “Forty Fridas” that Ellen is showing at Wally Workman Gallery¬†all this month, and is a series of woodcuts and drypoints (wood carvings and light engravings, for non-art speakers) of different women — Ellen’s friends and family — dressed up to look like Frida Kahlo.

I like the ones with the birds best.

Ellen is an Austin native, and like one of her artist inspirations, Andy Warhol, she uses printmaking to study changes in people’s faces: For example, here‘s her series of Mark Twain, which is an original print, gone over and over again with ink to show how he ages. My dad is the president of the Mark Twain Fan Club, so I hope he’s reading.

I’m also a particular fan of Ellen’s color wheels.

Not gonna lie — I kind of want those in my house.