Yes, yes it is.  We made it!

Are you excited, Reader?  Do you have plans for Memorial Day?  Did you graduate?

Hard to believe my own college graduation was eight years ago.  And that I kept a diary about it.

These are a small handful of shots I took while I was in LA last week for work. My God, that city is beautiful. I’d been there before, but only to one very specific neighborhood (West Hollywood, or as my friend Jeff who lives there affectionately calls it, his gayborhood), and got to explore a bit more this time.

I also got to hang out with Desmond Tutu! Here! My author had a speaking engagement with him at Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and I arranged a press conference for it. Let me tell you: That man (Tutu) is a tiny little powerhouse of joy. He giggles constantly, just like a small child.

The only shot that isn’t from LA is that top left pic; that is for the next AETV webisode coming out next week! Cheers to that. We’re filming the next AETV on Wednesday, and I am super duper excited about it … it involves a former AETV guest, and he always leaves me in stitches.  Can you guess who it is?

Also, what are y’all doing this weekend? It’s Ross’s birthday on Sunday, and Claudia has a special surprise planned for him. She took a break in between naps to tell me about it, and let me tell you, that kitten still has a few tricks up her sleeve.