LOVE IS A MIXTAPE: The Queerbomb! Edition

Hey friends!

Today it is with literal gay abandon that I (Amy) write to you. June 1st may be the time of year when our Texas summer slowly begins to sizzle us into oblivion, but it also the time of year when we welcome … LGBT Pride Month. And for me, the thrill of all things queer was not only my college minor (Women and Gender Studies) it also occupies a very personal sphere of my life. As an out n’ proud LGBTQIA member, this month holds all kinds of treasures at the end of its rainbow, namely the fabulous displays of community folk turning out for annual Pride Parades.

Here in Austin, Queerbomb arc is one of my favorite celebrations of aberrant counterculture. As the website so eloquently proclaims, Queerbomb “is a family of LGBTQIA individuals gathering to reclaim the radical, carnal and transgressive lineage of our ever-changing community while celebrating every facet and form of our people as a unique and vibrant whole.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, and perhaps the thing I enjoy most about this magnificent display of community is its firm insistence on self-expression, authenticity, and most of all inclusion. A true no holds bar, come-as-you-are, be-who-are, love-as- you-are kind of scene.

However, the last time Queerbomb came barreling down East 6th, I was hardly all sunshine and rainbows.

I had just split from my partner of three years, and in the throes of grief, could hardly unfold myself out of the fetal position (we’ve all been there, eh?). But, thanks to a group of endlessly supportive gal pals, I planted myself sullenly on Red River as the festivities were crossing by. The magnetic energy that flowed from the carefree crowd was intoxicating, and I stood there in the middle of it all, feeling my insides thaw. Just then, one delightful soul broke free from the crowd, sprinted up, and kissed me on the cheek! They ran away, grinning, and my heart grew a thousand times larger.

This year’s rally will assemble beginning at 6:00 at the Pine Street Station located at 1101 E. Fifth Street on Saturday, June 2nd, and everyone – gay, straight, and in between – is welcome. To get us in the mood to march, here are some sassy tunes to ignite your inner queen (or king). Celebrate!

redorangeyellowgreenbluepurple by Amy Haley on Grooveshark