LOVE IS A MIX TAPE: The Nyquil Terrors Edition


Hello friends. I (Amy) have missed you!

This mix tape follows the arc of highs, lows, fasts and slows that was my week. I began all jazzed for my girls’ getaway but sadly, a lowly germ thwarted my enjoyment. Things took a turn.

By the end of our first night of the trip, I began to feel the old familiar sting. My throat crying out in pain, a disgruntled virus hell-bent on impregnating my healthy cells with their demon spawn. A dramatic start to what really amounted to a lil’ summer cold…which, while irritating, was in no way life-threatening.  (And probably not worthy of the title “demon spawn,” but hey, I’m sure you can relate.)

By the next morning I was visibly slowed; the edge shaken from my usual perky demeanor. However, with a boat adventure in my near future I was determined not to suffer what my dear friend Megan refers to as “FOMO:” Fear of Missing Out. So, rally I did, and even managed to ring in Cinco de Mayo proper with a smattering of tequila! With which I was definitely hoping to exorcise the demons (oops … did it again), but instead, I found myself in dire straits.

I spent the next two days laid up on the couch, enjoying the cold feel of upholstery leather on my back as opposed to the soft feel of beach sands. But I can’t really complain: Friends, let me tell you that constant AC, warm tea, and a dubbed-over Spanish version of The Devil Wears Prada interlaced with various offerings from Turner Classic Movies is a surprisingly nice way to spend one’s vacation.

But!  Back home in Austin, I got my strength back. I got washed out at the Washed Out show last Thursday at The Mohawk, and even pulled off meeting their frontman Ernest Greene. So glad he didn’t go with his initial career ambition: Librarian. (Seriously!!) I’m partially convinced Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein owe a large portion of Portlandia’s success to their wildly delightful theme song, for which they have Washed Out to thank.

All in all, I would have never made it through the week were it not for these tunes and their soothing, healing qualities. Like chicken soup for the eardrums. Hope this mix finds you in good health and demon-free. Happy listening!

Nyquil Terrors by Amy Haley on Grooveshark