LOVE IS A MIX TAPE: Life’s a Beach Edition

IMAGE /// Courtesy Alevosia

For the past few years, my closest gal pals and I (Amy) have made the extended trek south for some much needed fun in the sun. And by “south,” I am referring to the exotic island getaway known as … South Padre.

Anyway, I was running over my mental list of beachwear essentials — floppy sunhat, oversized rainbow beach towel, the highest concentration of SPF available on the free market — when I realized, duh. MUSICS!

A scarring experience working at Hallmark in high school left me more than a little burnt out on the Beach Boys, since the owners insisted on playing the Greatest Hits on repeat. You know, with northern Dallas’ proximity to the beach and all. However, I’ve since warmed to the beach music genre, and have come to a place in my life where I can extend waves (har!) of gratitude to the BB’s for inspiring some of the my most favoritest bands (even if I do still have a visceral, Clockwork Orange-type reaction to hearing “I Get Around”).

So in honor of the third annual beach-babes brigade, I’ve pieced together this assortment of sounds designed to channel our inner California Girls (and Boys). Whether you’re visiting the real beach or just the one in your head, I hope you enjoy!

Life’s a Beach by Amy Haley on Grooveshark