Sometimes, a lady longs for a little adventure.

Sometimes, she is ready to pack up her swimsuits, sunscreen, and little else into the car, and drive until she hits the beach.

Sometimes, she throws caution truly to the wind, and leaves her hair styling products at home.

Sometimes, that lady is me.

I rolled into South Padre on a Friday, along with my fellow creatures of the night.

We lost no time getting to the ocean, and huddling up on the shore.  “You think anyone else is out here?”  “Oh I see somebody!”  “Are they coming this way??”  We giggled like conspiratorial teenagers, feeling naughty for no reason.

The next morning, we woke up early, and explored our new home. This is the third such beach weekend trip my girlfriends and I have made over the years, and we quickly decided that these digs were in fact The Best: The huge windows, the spacious kitchen, the open deck(s!).  “This is where we’re staying every year,” we concluded.

When it comes to vacation rentals, do you have a friend or a parent in your life, Reader, who magically knows how to produce them? This person is invaluable. Their powers reach further than HomeAway.com: They know how to find the best deals, the most hidden of gems, and the space itself will always be greeted by squeals and/or contented sighs upon arrival. I hope that you have one such person, Reader, because if not, it’s going to sound really obnoxious when I brag about mine. Her name is Nina, and Nina always finds the best places. She is, also like our South Padre vacation rental, The Best.

That’s Nina and her dog, Zoolie.

Isn’t she precious?  Don’t you just want good things for this creature?  She is as petite as a chihuahua, but with longer, flowing hair like a collie, and a wavy tail that swish-swishes around when she walks.

Zoolie’s buddy is Dee (short for Diedrich), Nina’s other dog, who has unconditional love for two things in this world: You, and, his well-chewed yellow tennis ball. (I won this round, ball.)

After breakfast, we donned our suits for the beach …

Something to know about me and the ocean: It immediately turns me into a 4-year-old. Leave your surf boards at home! Because all this girl wants to do is jump around in the waves. Sometimes I wish I had arm floaties.

While splashing around, we noticed a kite surfer darting ever closer.  As he neared, he jumped up and did an impressive flip over our heads — but sadly, wiped out in doing so. Still, we flattered ourselves that the intention was there.

Later that night, we put on real clothes and boarded a dinner cruise. “A dinner cruise?” you ask. “What’s a dinner cruise?” Um, only the most fun you can have during one of your three square meals.  We joined a boat full of strangers, were serenaded by a kind man with a bandana and a musical note arm tattoo, and watched the supermoon while we devoured our meal.

(If you’re curious, this is what a boat cruise looks like in action.)

Love you girls.

Thanks to my dear friends Megan Renart (who made that little video* above) and Nicki Lemon, who took almost all of these pictures.  I took some, but if they’re really pretty … they’re probably hers.

(*Neither Megan nor I own the rights to “The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp” by George Harrison, the beautiful song that plays in the video.)

UPDATE 5/23: It’s been brought to my attention that EMI has effectively blocked this delightful video from most of your browsers!  It works perfectly fine on mine, but probably not for long, as I just announced it on the Internet.

Anyway, that would explain why the video only has 5 views, and I do apologize.  Megan and I are going to have our friend Jason rescore it and then upload it, so that George Harrison / EMI won’t fall to ruin over lost royalties. We’ll let you know when that happens.