ON A WALK: Flowers and Fireflies on Burnet

Man, that’s a pretty corny post title.  Oh well!  Let’s chat anyway, shall we Reader?

So as you may have noticed by the paltry posting frequency lately, it’s been One of Those Weeks.  The kind that shortens my fuse, makes my emotions erupt unpredictably, and overall makes me less pleasant … but just this morning, ladies, I finally realized what was going on here.  (I hate love you, Mother Nature!)

Anyway, the antidote for times like these is always a walk.  I have a standing walking date with Amy each week, and we like to stroll through Rosedale and gawk at all the gorgeous homes there.  I’m one of those people who gets very vocal and excitable over good landscaping, known for outbursts like: “Trumpet creeper and zoysia grass and cabbage roses, ARE YOU SERIOUS??  Who lives here!  GOD?!”

Amy puts up with it — even encourages it.  I often tell her that I wish I had an Amy To-Go App on my iPhone, so I could pop it open whenever I need a little pick-me-up.  She has this wonderful ability to not only crack me up, but to savor the delicious bits of pleasure in this world that I don’t notice.  Here’s an example:

So there is star jasmine growing all around Amy’s apartment complex, right?  But the star jasmine (it’s those white, dainty, clumpy flowers you see above) has selected Amy’s second floor balcony, and ONLY her second floor balcony, to climb up and wrap around her railings.  Amy says it’s a special high-five from nature.  I think she may be right.

Here’s another example: at some point on our walk, we were debating whether or not to break the law and jaywalk across the street. Amy confessed that up until her early 20s, she thought that “jaywalking” meant you stripped down naked, and THEN you crossed the street, and THAT is why police busted you.  (You know, for breaking the “naked as a jaybird” law.)

I took those last two pictures on accident. Kind of.

At some point during our walk, Amy and I happened down this street where all these fireflies twinkled in the air. Now I ask you, is it possible to remain cynical and bitter about life when fireflies greet you?  No.  It is not.  You can’t be upset when fireflies are around.  You can’t even be less than ecstatic. It’s such a treat to see them in the city. It’s such a treat to see them at all.

Speaking of treats … guess what’s in my backyard now! (I’ll give you one guess.)

This went up on Monday, Reader, and I’m still flipping out from excitement a little.  As you may or may not know I’ve been doing aerial silks for a little over a year, and have long fantasized about having my own silk that I could just go outside and practice on whenever I wanted to.  Now, that dream has turned into a reality!

Also, guess what?  I have my first public silks performance on Sunday!  You’ll have to forgive me for keeping it under wraps; normally I’m a big showoff but I’m still a teensy bit nervous about this one, it being my first and all.  So, I haven’t really told anyone about it.

Next time, I’ll tell you Reader, and if you’re in Austin you’ll have to come. OK?