LOVE IS A MIX TAPE: The Dance and Taxes Edition

Hidy ho friends!  Amy here.

Tax Day is upon us: A time of carefree celebration with your surplus Benjamins – or – a sobering moment as you stare blankly at your TurboTax estimate, wondering what. The hell. Went. Wrong. Unfortunately for me, the latter was the case.

Ok ok, so things aren’t quite that bad. Still, my dues to Uncle Sam were more than I expected, requiring me to temporarily give up a much-loved hobby of mine: aerial silks! (Have fun without me, Tolly.) Alas, my affinity for airborne twists, turns and the occasional tumble will have to wait until I get back in the black. Guess the one-woman dance party in my bedroom will have to suffice for exercise.

So if you, like me, had to (begrudgingly) shell out some unanticipated greenery this tax season, allow me to share some wisdom from the Hopi Indians: To watch us dance is to hear our hearts sing.  Dancing, the Hopi will also have you know, is free.  Booyah, government.

Here are some tunes that never fail to get me up and movin’:

Dance and Taxes by Amy Haley on Grooveshark

Happy Monday! Do your taxes!

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