LOVE IS A MIX TAPE: The Birthday Edition

*Two things this morning, Reader:

A) I turned 30 on Saturday!  Whoa!  So long, twenties: A GROWNUP is running the show now.  Pictures soon.

B) Today I’m welcoming Austin Eavesdropper’s new music contributor, Amy Haley. She has worked SXSW Music, been my date to many a music festival, and is generally the person I turn to when things get a little too Steely Dan-y  around here.  In other words: She is a mix tape master.  And now, she shares a new Austin Eavesdropper column with us, “Love is a Mix Tape,” featuring playlists you can discreetly listen to at work or during a private dance party in the living room like me at home.


Salutations my friends!  This is the first of many future segments in which I (lovingly) force my music addiction on you by fashioning a themed playlist for your listening pleasure.

This week’s musical mixer is particularly special. It sprang from a desire to present my dear friend Tolly with a gift for her MILESTONE birthday. As I sat thinking about what might be fitting for just such an occasion, it occurred to me that the most memorable gifts are usually those we make ourselves. (I’m quite sure my mother would have agreed the lopsided macramé plant holder I crafted in the fourth grade still reigns queen among the Pottery Barn housewares she received over the years.)

The most creative part of my day typically entails choosing between my two pairs of (almost identical) black frame glasses. But I really wanted to make something, so during a fit of common sense, I decided to play to my strengths and concoct in the best way I know how.  This is a birthday mix, but I hope you’ll forgive me if it doesn’t include the Happy Birthday song.

Tolly’s Bday! by Amy Haley on Grooveshark

Hope you guys love it.

And happy birthday, Tolly!