EYE SPY: Portrait Photographer, Leon Alesi

Whenever I need some creative inspiration, I like to muse over my friend Angel’s Facebook page.  There, I am sure to find people in bright costumes dancing up and down her wall, links to stories about 1920’s circuses and Old World artists, and on very lucky occasions, pictures of unicorns.

Today on her wall, I discovered the work of Austin portrait photographer, Leon Alesi.  Can we just say … whoa.

I love how cinematic, haunting, and painting-like Leon’s photos are.  Plus, that kitty!  I want to cat-nap that little guy with his ear turned back.  He selected a very lovely chair for his portrait.

What do you think of Leon’s work?  Also, do any of you suffer from the same affliction I do — a compulsion to smile maniacally in all photos?  I’d love to know how Leon got his subjects to be serious without looking PISSED (which is how I appear).  Maybe they’re all just diligently watching their Tyra.