/// Photos, Austin Eavesdropper. TOP: My cat, Claudia. BOTTOM: My parents’ cat, Heidi. 

Last Friday, Ross and I drove down to San Antonio for my dad’s birthday.  And while we were there, Reader, we got to spend some quality time with that gigantic ewok you see above, a.k.a. Heidi.

Heidi is so fluffy that you can literally lose track of your hand inside her fur.  Also, she essentially resembles our cat, Claudia … if Claudia stuck her paw inside an electric socket, then got a professional blowout.

My family has a weakness for little tortoise shells, and Heidi is basically the cat of my mother’s dreams: She always wanted a fluffy cat with a smushed-in face (who doesn’t?), and about five years ago, Heidi came into their lives.  She is super talkative and playful, but she does NOT like to be picked up.  This poses a problem for my husband, who insists on holding cats in the arm-cradle position like a baby.  Claudia’s learned to put up with it, but Heidi is still getting used to Ross’s affections.

Here she is, hiding from him.

Having a moment.

Sigh.  Isn’t she ridiculously beautiful, slash evil-looking?  From certain angles, when she’s narrowing her little eyes, she reminds me of M.A.D. Cat in Inspector Gadget.

Our baby Claudia may not be as luxuriously fluffy as Heidi, but she is pretty adorable in her own way.  Don’t you agree?

Reading our favorite book!

This is actually a hilarious story.  Claudia is having a straight-up Clint Eastwood stand-off with a plush kitten toy here in this picture, because she thinks it is real.

Last Christmas, Ross and I got stuffed animals for our two baby nephews, and when we took out the stuffed kitty, Claudia started hissing at it.  We thought that was funny, so while Claudia busted out her deep, low, “DON’T F-K WITH THE BABYSITTER” growl, we made it dance in front of her face – resulting in Claudia attacking this poor toy.  (PS, we are terrible people.)

We then set it on the ground and kicked it around a bit to demonstrate its lifeless nature, but Claudia was convinced it was simply playing Chicken.  She skulked around it for the next few minutes with hair raised and ears back, until we gift-wrapped it out of sight.  Nobody puts Baby in a corner, and nobody, but nobody, invades Claudia’s territory.

We are doing some administrative Austin Eavesdropper work in the background today Reader, so thank you for putting up with this silly post!  Who do YOU think wins the cuteness contest: Claudia, or Heidi?