Well friends, it is Mission Accomplished around here.

Remember how we were discussing Downton Abbey a few weeks ago?  And how we wanted a public screening in Austin?  Like really badly?  Horshack waving around his arm yelling “oooh!  Ooooh!” badly?

Well I’m thrilled to tell you that KLRU has heard us!  On Sunday, February 19, KLRU and Austin Eavesdropper are co-hosting a SCREENING of the Downton Abbey Christmas Special (hands flapping in verklempt manner), i.e., the Season 2 Finale.  Success!

The screening will be held at Studio 6A — the former home of Austin City Limits — and there will be light snacks, giveaways, and most importantly, 90 minutes of glorious sidelong glances from Maggie Smith.  Best of all, it is free!

♥  rsvp here

May I make a confession, just between you and me?  I don’t know what I’m more excited about.  This screening, or this smorgasbord of Downton Abbey cast member pics in their civilian wear.  Guys.  Can we please discuss Mrs. Hughes?  Or foxy (yes! Foxy!) O’Brien?  I am speechless!  And Mr. Bates is hurting me with adorableness.  That baby?  Dear God.  Just stop.