This weekend: Carnaval Brasileiro!

All above images by: Merrick Ales Photography.

Right, so, remember when we were talking about our New Year’s Words?  And how in 2011 I chose the word “openness?”  I was so successful at being open that I joined a samba dance troupe.  
The Austin Samba School is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.  For one, it is enormous.  Our group is comprised of about 50 drummers and 50 dancers, so wherever we go, we are a small village. We did a Dia De Los Muertos show at Central Market last Fall (pics here) and just our group – not counting the actual audience — filled the entire premises.  Have you ever seen a walking army of skeletons?  It’s sexier than you think.  
Also.  If you couldn’t tell by the 2011 Carnaval photos above, samba is — how shall we say? — flashy.  Headdresses!  Sequins!  Sparkly bras!  Our theme this year is The Wizard of Oz, and my little dance group is the yellow brick road.  “A road?  That’s not sexy!” you think.  WRONG.  We are halter-top wearing, vertical hair feather donning, body glittering bricks.  So not just a road, you see — a hot road.
Tickets are available here.