In other event-related news this week (see yesterday’s Downton Abbey post), I am judging a contest right now for an extra special Austin business, The WonderCraft.

Have you ever seen The WonderCraft trailer tooling around town?  Do you know the story behind it?

Basically, this group of awesome women got together a few years ago and started teaching craft classes out of a shiny Airstream named Stella, which you can often find parked outside of your nearest children’s birthday party or dive bar.  Their clientele is, refreshingly, widespread.

The WonderCraft and I have partnered on lots of events together in the past, and the ladies that run it are some of my personal heroes.  Their business got so big that it’s now a brick-and-mortar store on E. Cesar Chavez, but Stella still carries forth!

All photos via Ultralicious Photography.

Recently, the ladies decided that Stella needed a man.  A crafty man, to join the biz, provide a male perspective on things, promote events, look good in tight appliqued cupcake t-shirts … etc.  So they took applications, narrowed it down to seven, whom you can vote on now.

The winner will be announced this Saturday at a party at The WonderCraft’s shop, where there will be free beef and cake, Tito’s, beer, music, and of course, abundant craft activities (which are even more fun with cocktails as everyone knows).

I will be there with my crafty husband, and if you are in Austin, I hope you’ll come too!

I submitted my judge’s ballot over the weekend, and in my mind, there were TWO standout candidates.  Ok maybe three, but two who flat-out stole my heart.  Can you guess who they are?