Watermelon radishes, from Greenling.  A humble radish, so gorgeous on the inside — who knew?  It’s particularly tasty with olive oil, honey, and lime.  I ate three on Sunday.


Our friends Lou and his adorable daughter, Zoe.  Zoe came over yesterday and colored our driveway with chalk, and I couldn’t resist running around after her with my camera.  The best thing about these two is that Lou calls Zoe “bro,” rather than a more common daughter nickname, “like “honey” or “sweetie.”  “Whatcha doin’, bro?” “Right on, bro!” “Hey don’t climb on that, bro!” It completely kills Ross and I.

A teensy bit of news.   Austin Eavesdropper is getting a new site!  I’ve been talking about it a bit on AE’s Facebook page.  Soon, we’ll be saying goodbye to Blogspot forever!  Fare thee well, old friend.  I’m not sure exactly when the new site will be up, but it’s coming pretty soon.  The design is all finished and now we’re just coding it for WordPress.  I’ve loved the design we’ve had for a year now, and will especially miss that little bird at the top … but, times change, and I was ready for something cleaner and more modern.  I adore the new look, and hope you do too.  And hey, speaking of adoration: Happy Valentine’s Day!