Do you know what next week is?  The Oscars.  And also?  The second ever AETV!

We loved our Jaynie Buckingham / Cutie Pie’s segment so much, that we decided to partner with another local talent for AETV2: Austin musician Dabney Dwelle, frontman for My Golden Calf.

Now, one may assume that given Dabney’s background, this segment would be music-related … but (rubs hands together in fiendish manner) we actually did something a little different.  In fact we may or may not have gotten way ambitious. That’s because we filmed an interview, some Oscar predictions, AND a fashion montage.  That’s right — a fashion montage.

Dabney and I want to give you some tips, you see, on preparing for an Oscars Party, and that means looking good people.  What are the red carpet trends?  Well soon, Dabney will tell them to you!  This man may not style for the runways, or design clothing, or even be gay, but out of everyone I know, Dabney is a master at dressing for the occasion.  Roller skating?  He’s bustin’ out hot pants.  Camping?  Rocking the John Deere hat and puffy parka vest. And the red carpet?  Fuggedaboutit.

You probably shouldn’t plan on leaving the house for Oscars viewing until you hear our fashion tips. That goes for you too, Anna Wintour.