The creatures of this house.

It’s quite domestic around here. 
Do you remember Claudia, Reader?  It’s been a while since we really let her have her own post.  Here is a picture of the two of us from back in the day, Claudia totally loving and appreciating my affection.  She and I were at home the other day when a tiny bird flew into our house, and I could not believe it held still while I snapped its picture.  Look at it winking! 
Also.  Ross and I are still faithfully doing Greenling each week.  Now, 80% of the time we know what we have received, because Greenling always provides a helpful list — with recipes! — of our box’s offerings.  But sometimes, even after we have consulted said list, one item is still a mystery.  Enter the potato … thing, above.  Are you noticing the face I carved into it?  That is the expression a vegetable makes when it doesn’t know what it is.  I asked Ross and our buddy Jason what I should do with it, and they suggest I cut it into slices.  Done
Finally, I just wanted to share the most delightful comment from an Eavesdroppper reader: Mary Miller, one of the authors I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.  She wrote me the kindest email, and inspired by Claudia, I thought I’d share part of it with you.  In her note, she described the things this blog makes her want to do …