The Couple Behind Blue Dahlia Bistro.

Last night, I had dinner with my friend Kim at our favorite restaurant, Blue Dahlia Bistro.  Do you all know the sweet love story behind it?
About six years ago, an Austinite named Amy Quinn was looking for a new career.  She used to be a model, and her shows took her all over the world.

So she dreamt up a little restaurant with French touches, one that served ample cheese plates and fresh baguette.  She wrote up a business plan, and showed it to various investors.  One was a man named Sam Ramirez, who had never invested in any business before.  Besides, that is, his own geotechnical drilling.
But Sam was game, ready to try something new — just like Amy.  They helped build out the space together, Bobcats and all.

Sam was cheerful and funny, and Amy quietly crushed on him from afar.  She had never wanted to get married.  But she had to tell him how she felt.

So she finally admitted her feelings.  And what did Sam say?  In two words:
They were married within one year.

I read this article once about Sam and Amy, the way they created the restaurant, and the way the restaurant created them.  Sam said something in the story like, “oh yeah, Amy’s the one who does the rocks in the sink and all that.” I giggled, because can’t you just see it?  
“Babe – uh – I noticed somebody put rocks in our bathroom sink?  You want me to take ’em out?”
“No, honey! Those are river stones. I placed them there this morning. It’s the final touch, don’t you think?”
I can see this exact scene playing out in my home someday, and it makes me want to hug Sam and Amy both.