No reason, just gorgeous.

Over the holidays, my sister-in-law gave me this delightful magazine – more than that, a journal really – called Anthology.  
It’s impossibly pretty, all French food and gauzy photographs and yearning travelogues. It’s part of a new generation of magazines, Matchbook and Rue among them, spearheaded by young women who strike a fresh-feeling balance between accessibile and aspirational living.  Less Ana Wintour, more Martha; less Gucci, more Anthropologie, less New York, more … San Francisco.
Anyway.  The video makers above (Tiger in a Jar) were featured in a recent issue of Anthology, and when a client of mine sent me their website today, I thought — that’s it!  They must be blogged.  
Are you drooling?  Don’t you want to wear Christmas tree branches in your hair now (even though we’ve bade goodbye to the holidays)?  I do!  
I also want to dance.  That track is a remix by The Magician, and I say we bring him to Austin.