Make Me Up Before You Go-Go

Well Reader, it’s happening.  Austin Eavesdropper is getting another makeover and, brace yourselves, graduating from Blogspot.
“Wait.  Do you mean to tell me –”  I do.
“You’re actually getting a real domain name –” I am.
“So you’re redesigning your site!” Hold it right there.

I have slim-to-zero web design skills.  A decent eye … yes.  The ability to translate that eye into a real-life website, no.

Fortunately, this woman does.

We are chatting on the phone this morning, and we’ve been emailing madly with design ideas.  See all those pictures above?  Those are items I’ve been collecting for inspiration.  She, not I (thank God) is redesigning this thing.  It’s a new year for Austin Eavesdropper!  Doesn’t “2012” just sound like the future?  Ross and I always refer to “the new dimension” now, telling each other what happens there.  In the new dimension, Ross takes Bikram yoga three times a week.  In the new dimension, they don’t eat kolaches (I try to tell him).  But he assures me that they do.

Anyway, in the new dimension Austin Eavesdropper is more black and white.  And triangle-y.

Speaking of new beginnings:  thank you  for everything you’ve been saying about AETV!  We are so thrilled that you dig it.  Thank you too for your guest ideas!  Our next meeting is this weekend and we’re going to plan our next shoot.  Here are some of my favorite guest suggestions:

lavanna martin // who paints and sketches strangers at coffee shops.  Lavanna and I go way back, and whoever suggested her is a genius.

chef hoover // suggested by Belle in the comments section.  Again, BRILLIANT.   After decades of serving up chicken fried steak and shrimp grits (totally delicious and shamelessly bad for you), Chef Hoover is on a personal mission to live more healthfully.  Can he do it?

the pc guru // right on!  Cool idea, Deann Armstrong. According to her, the PC Guru “drives an awesome scooter-like thing and has a rockin’ waist-length white beard.”  Maybe he can finally teach me what “an error has occurred on the script of this page” means.

austin bike guy // not his official name, but how I’m referring to Heather’s man (in the comments).  Heather suggested an episode on how to change a flat bike tire, which is definitely useful information, no?

woman at central market westgate who collects her customers’ produce stickers // WHOA.  Awesome.  Andrea (who left this comment) explained that this woman has turned all of her stickers into this one, continually expanding, 8 pound ball of stickers.  Didn’t Pee Wee Herman used to do this with rubber bands?

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