You may recall a little conversation we were having last summer, Reader, the one where we were discussing goals.  Remember?  There was kombucha involved … and kale.  Come to think of it, we were being pretty healthy that night, weren’t we?
Anyway, during that post, I talked about a new direction for Austin Eavesdropper.  It’s been my dream for a long time to have a little show about Austinites, sooo …

Everybody knows how obsessed I am with Jaynie Buckingham*, so we thought she’d be the perfect guest for our pilot webisode.  We shot this on-location at her Cutie Pies bake shop on Burnet Road, and are just incredibly grateful she agreed to be our first interviewee!  Also, special shout-out to Flight Path Coffee in Hyde Park, who let us shoot our opening sequence there.  Thank you, Jason of Flight Path!
About the series:
AETV focuses on the quirky, charming, bizarre, entertaining and talented characters of Austin, Texas.  In each one, we go into our guest’s world and ask them to teach us how to do something or tell us a story.  It was invented last summer by me and about five dudes, and we’re super pumped to finally share it with you!
We’d love your help coming up with guest ideas.  They don’t have to be super hip or trendy, just interesting.  (Though we certainly wouldn’t rule out someone who is all of those qualities.)  Example: This guy, James, who works at Hancock Center H-E-B.  He’s very old and very tall and is the most enthusiastic sample giver in the entire world.  I have literally walked into H-E-B from the opposite end of the store where James is standing, and heard him shouting to the masses about two-for-one Shake N’ Bake.  While he does it, he tells you little stories about his life … “aww shoot, iss a hot one today!  I ‘member when mama brought us kids inside for lemo-NADE, which is on sale today y’all!  Free when you buy yo Shake N’ Bake!  Two-for-one, y’all!  Two!  Fo!  ONE!” I love him.
who would you like to see interviewed on aetv?
Think about the most entertaining and/or intriguing person you’ve ever met here in Austin, then tell them about us in the comments section.  We’ll talk about them at our next editorial meeting!Thank you for watching AETV!

*We didn’t mention this in the show, but in addition to being a pie maker and opera singer, Jayne is also a throat cancer survivor.  Slash badass.

Also: Thank you to my friends in real life who are always so supportive of me and my crazy projects.  You people are so encouraging, and lawdy, sometimes I wonder how you don’t get sick of me.  You are constantly high-fiving me and making me feel awesome, and I think you deserve fireworks spelling out your name in the sky.