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Below is an album review from Austin Eavesdropper music contributor + my dear friend, Megan, with a few words from me beforehand.  We hope you enjoy today’s musical offering, Wild Child.


Wild Child has a show this Saturday, and though we’re certainly not the first ones to drool over their debut album “Pillow Talk,” we also know we are far from the last.  Sexy voices.  Sexy banjos.  That’s right, banjos.
(Sexy people, too.)

Here’s Megan with more.

Take note: the press page for Austin’s own Wild Child is chock full of accolades from the Those Who Proclaim Musical Greatness.  KUT’s Austin Music Minute says Wild Child’s debut, Pillow Talk, is one of the best to be released this year. Indie Shuffle finds them irresistible: ” This 15-track album is one of anthemic proportions.”
Well, shoot.
Indie folk, folks. Come get your indie folk. A baritone ukulele. A violin. A cello. A banjo. BELLS.
Lead singer Kelsey Wilson has that sultry, all-knowing nostalgic tone to her voice that is all the rage these days but certainly isn’t unwelcome. It winds through all songs like a soft, bright ribbon. Co-vocalist (is that a term?) Alexander Beggins is a warm anchor, making me think of the hand at the end of the string that gently guides the kite soaring and darting overhead.
Some of my highlights:
“I’ll Figure You Out” (sounds like a threat, no?) It’s got a hypnotic, waltzy-sway to it.

I’ll Figure You Out

“Real Estate” hurts. That exquisite kind of torture a sad song brings. The fragile strings make me think of Andrew Bird–each note plucked is a plea.

Real Estate

“The Escape” follows one of my favorite formulas: a sparse beginning but catchy hook with one instrument, voices chiming in, another instrument jumps on board, and soon we’re having a party and then the ukulele shows up with a lampshade on his head, and who invited that guy? But no one cares because we’re all having such a good time.

The Escape

Toward the end of the album, the songs take a gradual transformation from tongue-in-cheek to more reflective material. If you asked me to describe the arc of the Pillow Talk in a visual manner, I’d tell you it makes me think of a rainbow. The snappy, peppery red and orange songs sink into deeper hues.
Another bonus: Wild Child’s catchy, uplifting, jangly tunes mask sharp, insightful lyrics that slowly reveal themselves with each additional listen. These are clever people we’re dealing with.

Wild Child’s Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Biggins, courtesy Wild Child Sounds

You get to see them this Saturday at Stubb’s, you know.  Here are the details.
They’re offering samples of their songs, too, on their website, if you want a taste before ordering the full entree. Get yer free download!


Thank you for a delightful guest post, Megan!