You’re The One That I Want, by The Lennings.

Tonight, this song will be featured on the NBC show “Parenthood.” It’s an acoustic cover of “You’re The One That I Want” — that jazz handy song at the end of Grease — and it is absolutely gorgeous.  The kind that every human being wants their beloved to sing to them.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may remember when I posted this song a few years ago.
Now, why is this news significant?  Oh, only because this song is by the band of MY BEST FRIEND AND MY HUSBAND! 

The Lennings are a 5-piece group from Austin, Texas, and Jason, whose voice you hear on this song, recorded it in our old house.  How surreal is it that tonight, more than five million people will hear it!

(I couldn’t find the EXACT clip online, but this scene foreshadows the one that the song plays in.  These two characters may or may not kiss while it does, and it may or may not be totally romantic and swoony.  You can watch the full episode here; key scene starts at about the 20 minute mark.)

The guys are also working on a new album, releasing early 2012.  One of my favorite tracks from it is “Hologram” (listen here), and Jason wrote it about Austin’s east side — the way it’s changing, and the way he remembers it.  For some reason, the name of this song is permanently lodged in my mind as “Kaleidoscope,” and this is the problem with having childhood obsessions, see.  They pop up randomly.  Jason could write a song called “Telescope” and I would start asking him to play “View Finder” at shows. 

We’re trying to get a bunch of our friends to blog / Tweet / Facebook share this news, so please share away!  There’s terribly good karma in it for you.
Photo courtesy Irm Fyuk.