Vegging Out.

If you are what you eat, then lately, Ross and I are:

* kolaches,
* pancakes,
* frozen veggie burgers,
* leftover Halloween candy,
* Torchy’s Tacos, and
* Fage yogurt.  You’re welcome, Greek economy! 

Point being: Vegetables.  We need more of them in our lives.  I don’t think veggie burgers count.

Which reminds me of something — did I ever tell you about the meanest thing I ever did in my whole life?  It has to do with vegetables.

So I was in the first grade, my one and only year to be in Brownies.  There were 10 or so girls in my troop, and we got sash badges for everything: Archery, swimming, etc.  Do you want to know what the prettiest badge was for?  Cooking.  Do you want to know who wanted one?  Me.  I didn’t really care about cooking; all I wanted was a kickass sash.

One day at a Brownie “meeting,” we were all sitting in a circle, when I noticed that the girl next to me — let’s call her Michelle — had laid all her brand new badges out in front of her.  Probably to show off.  Michelle had badges for freaking everything, even the hard stuff, like camping, pottery, COOKING.  I wanted a cooking badge so bad.

That’s when Michelle made a mistake, and decided to go to the bathroom.  I say “mistake” because that’s when I stole her badge.

When my mom picked me up, I asked her if she could sew on my new cooking badge, please!  And it looked great.  Just like I knew it would.

At the next meeting, I saw Michelle on the playground.  She eyed my badge.

“Aw, I wish I had my cooking badge still,” she sighed.  “I can’t find mine.”

“Welp, guess you should cook more!” I said, and skipped happily away.  Badge-smug, and still very cooking-oblivious.

Poor Michelle!

These days, I wish I could invite Michelle over.  Give her cooking badge back.  Then I would cook for real for her.  I would actually earn the badge that I stole more than 20 years ago, and I would use these vegetables to do it.

Ross and I just signed up for Greenling, and these are our first spoils.  We got our delivery yesterday morning!  I got so excited, that I busted out a stir fry right then and there.

I mean really.  Who says you can’t eat lunch at 10:45am?  As I like to say, it’s always lunch somewhere.