The Great Pie Giveaway!

Welcome back, Reader!  How was your Thanksgiving?  Did you eat some pie?  I bet you did.  

About a week and a half ago, I visited Jaynie at Cutie Pies, where she was hosting a little pie party.  I predict (and I’m not alone here) that pie is about to overtake cupcakes in the fetishized dessert category, especially when they are adorable and “personal” sized, like Jaynie’s.    
And lo, in the generous and giving holiday spirit, Cutie Pies is now giving away 2,000 pies to Austinites!
Not 200.  Two zero zero zero.  Imagine 2,000 of these!:

You may be wondering what variety of pies these are.  The one directly above you (and flashing here) is called Heath Bar Pie, and it was my hands-down favorite at Jaynie’s pie party.  
I’m sorry, but can we just appreciate for a moment the wonder that is Heath Bar Pie?  I used to order Heath Bar Blizzards back in the day from Dairy Queen, and there is this salty, crunchy quality to the chocolate that is just ridiculous.  In Jaynie’s pie version, the texture is also chewy, gooey — almost Pecan Pie-like.
Right above that is a Chocolate Mousse Pie, and Jaynie almost gave me a CONCERNED look when I reached for it.  “That pie is not for the faint of heart,” she warned.  “It’s only for serious chocolate people.”
Well … fortunately she didn’t have to worry about that with me.  It’s true, though — Jaynie’s Chocolate Mousse is like putting spoonfuls of thick chocolate ganache into your mouth.  It’s seductive.  Dangerous.  The Bond Girl of pie.  
I didn’t get a picture of it, but I would be remiss if I didn’t also tell you about Jaynie’s Buttermilk Pie, which has won awards: Specifically, “Best Pie in the South” (3rd Place) by Southern Living Magazine.  It’s so soft in your mouth that it almost has a custard quality to it, and my husband recently ate an entire mini pie of it for breakfast.  Which is to say this he took a bite out of curiosity, while making his regular breakfast, and in the time it took him to finish making his regular breakfast that Buttermilk Pie somehow mysteriously disappeared!  (Into his belly.)

Now here is my question to you.  Would you like this wonderful woman to make you a pie?:


If so, ClickedIn (a daily deals site, a la Groupon or Living Social) is offering a free Cutie Pie from Jaynie to the first 2,000 people who sign up.  So …  
claim your pie here!
Et voilĂ !  One of those luscious pies above shall be yours.
Here’s one more sweet picture from the pie party:

I love this little kid’s expression.  Doesn’t he look so thrilled?  Probably because he just had some pie.

good luck!

All photography by Melanie Grizzel, via She N’ He Photography and Design.


(Also — unrelated, but, may I just say how touched I am that so many people responded to last Wednesday’s post about generations?  I think it’s a fascinating topic too.  I have some more thoughts to share on that, specifically around which points of cultural connection we choose to hang our hat on — I totally missed out on Harry Potter for example and regret that, so now I’m climbing aboard the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books / film franchise … but, to what end?  I’m still teasing it out.  Anyway.  I’ve really been enjoying hearing what you all have to say about the generations matter.)