More East Austin Studio Tour.

So when we were talking about East Austin Studio Tour last week, you probably finished the post saying to yourself, “wow that was a lot of pictures Tolly.”  But what you didn’t know was that I posted only HALF (more like, 1/4) of the pictures I actually took!  I was a little out of control that day.
Let’s pick up where we left off then, shall we?

After our stop at Big Red Sun, my pal Amy and I continued gallivanting all over the east side.  The photo you see above was taken at Big Medium, and do you want to know an interesting fact?  The portrait of the disheveled-hair guy on the upper-right — right next to the one of Keira Knightley — looks exactly like my friend Rob.  Are you moonlighting on the side as a portrait model, Rob?  I think you are. 

We continued over to Pump Project’s Satellite complex, where I ran into Callie Thompson.  Have you heard of Callie?  She’s an Etsy success story.  Her printed fabrics (above) caught the attention of West Elm after they saw her stuff on Etsy, and now, they are featuring her prints in their catalog and home decor!  So go forth and produce, my Etsy friends.  You never know who’s watching.

We wandered into this adjacent screen print shop, and were soon greeted by the gentlemen of Twin Villain.  They offered to make us t-shirts right there on the spot:

Iguana t-shirts go with everything.

Next, we visited my buddy Kiah Denson at Bay 6, where we spied those lovely femme fatal portraits of hers in-process: 

(Kiah also generously let me pick out one of her sketches too, which caused me to practically jump and click my heels I was so excited.  I chose this one!)
While there we met Kiah’s friend Jackie, whose jewelry line is just ridiculous.  Do you remember making seed bead jewelry as a kid?  Jackie incorporates those tiny beads in an almost Native American-looking way.  

On our way home, we ran into Miss Anslee Connell of Savannah Red, standing prettily on the porch of her studio.  She gave us a little sneak peek of the line she’s currently working on.

And finally … we encountered this huge meadow, the type of meadow that forces you to drop everything and run through it.  And maybe also practice some cool dance moves.

If memory serves, I am performing either an Irish jig, a samba, or the Thriller dance here for Amy.  It’s hard to say which one; all I know is, it was pret-ty impressive.