How to get dressed for a music fest.

When attending a music festival, are you ever outfit baffled?  I am.
Rarely do I find the perfect ensemble marriage between “form” and “function.”  Either I dress cute and suffer (mostly due to inappropriate footwear), or succumb to the siren songs of arch support and thermal underwear.  It is, as the sage Run DMC once said, tricky.
So since Fun Fun Fun Fest is this weekend, and I’m attending with a (very fashionable) friend, I’ve decided to put together an inspiration board of sorts to help me out.  Are you going to Fun Fun too, Reader?  What the blazes are you wearing?  Let’s figure this out together.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Alexandra Valenti’s photography.  She shot the Free People catalogue when it was set in Austin last summer, and has a way of making her subjects look sun-drenched, bohemian, and oh-so-1970’s. Aren’t they lovely?
style ideas:
* fringe
* layered jewelry
* long + flowy
*fine embroidery

Ignoring for the moment the fact that this girl appears to be strolling on the roof in some of these pics and THAT is not safe, I love the potential this kind of outfit holds for a music fest.  Especially if you are not the boho princess type, but rather, prefer more a slightly more structured, clean look.
Also, don’t you adore Allister Ann‘s photography?  I sure do.  She is the source of all those photos, above.
style ideas:
* monochromatic
* knits
* form-fitting
*ankle boots

I have had a girl crush on Liz Franco of Srsly Liz for a long, long time now.  (These photos are snapped by her, and — I believe — her boyfriend, Glenn).

To me, what makes Liz’s outfits delightfully music fest-appropriate is that they are equal parts hippie, tidy, and as Liz likes to call herself, “nerd chic.”  Plus, they are accessible!  Sometimes dressing for music fests can be intimidating, especially here in Austin, because you aren’t quite sure how hipster to get.  Bust out your ironic Barry Manilow t-shirt AND your non-prescription ironic glasses AND your ironic mom jeans AND your ironic Hello Kitty socks AND your ironic platform Keds and, let’s face it folks — you’ve gone overboard.

But Liz shows us how to dress in nicely, even girly, with subtle winks here and there.  I love it!

style ideas:
* flowy (either on top or on bottom)
* pops of color
* opaque sheers
*unique cuts

So yay!  Outfit ideas for Fun Fun Fun Fest are marinating …

And speaking of outfits.  I will be snapping pics of stylish ladies and gents for Free People’s blog at Fun Fun, so please come find me if you’re lookin’ supa fly!  I look like this.  Just kidding.  THIS.