Eeek! Halloween 2011 in Austin.

Am I right?
On Saturday night, my girlfriends and I gussied ourselves up for Vintage Vivant’s monthly 20s/30s affair at the Swan Dive.  It being Halloween, the outfits in attendance had a different sort of flair.
Now it probably comes as no surprise that I love me a good dress-up party — especially when paired with a photo shoot — but I have to admit, I am terrible, just terrible at orchestrating clever Halloween costumes in advance.  I’m always rushing around at the last minute, slapping odds and ends together.  One of my best Halloween costumes was circa 2004, when I was Rodney Dangerfield, but I haven’t lived up to that caliber in a long time.
So I was absolutely tickled pink when the multi-talented Rachael Marie Stockenberger reached out to me, and offered to let me wear one of her gorgeous, hand-dyed slips.  Rachael owns Ooh-la-la Lingerie, you see, a collection of tasteful, vintage negligees that she dyes herself.  She started the business in 2000 to save money for a trip to France!
That’s Rachael and me above at Vintage Vivant.  I’m wearing the slip she gave me!
And as if that weren’t enough, Rachael is a jazz singer in Vintage 15 along with her husband Hans, ALSO a jazz singer.  Vintage 15 is a throwback big band group, and they performed that night at the party.
I really cannot emphasize enough how cute this couple is.  They met in Houston, while both singing for the Houston Opera, and now they are all ours in Austin!

Here are some more pics from the night:

The girls.
Two vestal virgins.
More Dia de Los Muertos people.  The girl second from the left really got into it, painting her clavicle!

Pretty in blue.

Birds of a Feather: That’s my friend Zach on the right, who also plays with Vintage 15, and his lady friend.  Don’t you love her huge peacock tail?  I want this costume!

 I actually wasn’t sure what this girl was (also a bird?) but I really liked her outfit and sassy little stance.

My friends Jeremiah and Ashley, rocking a pirate skeleton prince / fair maiden situation here.

Sweeney Todd!  I wanted to hug this man.  Then I decided that would probably make him uncomfortable.

Angeliska (one of Vintage Vivant’s co-founders and organizers) as a fetching witch.

hope your halloween was splendid!

which is your favorite costume, above?