Dreaming in Color + Club Kid.

So remember that little party I mentioned a couple of weeks ago?  
It was on Saturday.  AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.
I’m serious.  Between it and Vintage Vivant, I think it may be impossible now for me to go out, really go out, unless in full costume.  Maybe it’s finally time to join my local Dungeons and Dragons chapter and be done with it.
Anyway, back to Saturday: This was a two-part event, benefiting AIDS Services of Austin.  The first half was devoted to Dreaming in Color, a whimsical fashion show produced by Coco Coquette.  Only this fashion show wasn’t like any other — the models danced in their looks.  In giant heels.  And gianter head pieces.  
Let me confess something right now: This was my first Coco Coquette show.  Even though I helped organize the event!  I knew it was gonna be good, but I wasn’t quite prepared for how good.  It’s taken me a solid 72 hours for me and my inner fangirl to recover from it all.  That’s because it reminded me of everything I love about Austin creativity and style — the DIY culture, the upcycled duds — while combining an element of theatricality and stage presence that you simply don’t get at a normal fashion show.  I was blown away.  

The fashion show was exciting for an additional reason. Each of the eight looks, which were inspired by different flavors of Vitamin Water (our sponsor), were judged by a prestigious panel: Caitlin Ryan of CultureMap, Michael Barnes of the Austin American-Statesmanand Happy Mercado of Tito’s Vodka.  The winner received $1000!

This next performer is Brass Ovaries‘ Sarah Marsh, who ended up modeling the winning design.  She is a pole dancer, and I posted three whole photos of her because … well, I think we all know why.

This next photograph was an accident, but I like it.

It’s like he’s on fire!
Metaphorically-speaking, he was.
Photo by Shelley Neuman, via ATX Street Style.

World, meet Allyson Garro of Coco Coquette — who created the entire fabulous fashion show/dance affair above.  Allyson has an adorable beauty and wig shop on the east side, brought together all the glittery pieces of talent for the fashion show (models, designers, make-up artists, wigs) and even found time to style me!  All the way down to my rhinestone-encrusted fake eyelashes.  
The second half of the night was devoted to Club Kid, a 90s/rave-inspired variety show and dance part, hosted by Mouthfeel.  I snapped some colorful looks modeled by our party attendees, and loved how folks just did not hold back!  Exhibit A, full-body fishnet.

This is my friend Jeremiah, who shot some haunting/beautiful portrait photos that night.


This gorgeous girl, Angeliska Polachek, was the fashion show’s winning designer. 

There are lots of places on the Internet to see more pictures of the night: Republic of Austin, ATX Street Style, Keep Austin Stylish, Michael’s Out & About blog.  Thank you blogger and media friends for documenting the night so well!
And thank you to all who attended!  I just had a blast, and my heart is still thumping from it.  If you dug Coco Coquette’s fashion show as much as I did (or if you couldn’t make it out on Saturday), she’s doing another show on October 25 called “12 Beautiful Monsters.”   
Hurrah for wigs!