I wish I could bring my mother to this.

So this is a party my friends and I are throwing next Saturday (October 8), and it benefits AIDS Services of Austin.  It was loosely inspired by Party Monster, Macaulay Culkin’s / Seth Green’s oh-so-delightful and dark cult classic.
BUT.  Before I get into that, may I please tell you about the sweetest birthday wish you ever did hear?
My mother, who is in her 60s, has a birthday on September 11.  Last month, she wrote me an email that said:
“For my birthday I have a hankering to go see a drag queen show! I think I’ve wanted to my whole life since I first learned that there were drag queens, but I’ve never considered the idea that I could go to one if I wanted to… I’m grown up. I can do what I want!”
I love my mother.
We weren’t able to find a drag queen show here in town on her birthday, though, so I want to make it up to her somehow!  I think the obvious solution here is a Rebecca Havemeyer show.  Unless you know of any other fabulous drag queens, Austinites?
Now back to Dreaming in Color.

This is a party next Saturday at The ND, and will be kind of like a fabulous three-ring circus.  There will be a fashion show, where the models dance down the runway.  There will be a variety hour with break dancing and a drag show (of course there will be a drag show).  AND a dance party.  AND it goes to charity.  AND it’s $5 if you wear a drag-esque costume.  Did I mention drag?

I am a very big fan of costume parties, but this one will be a most stimulating challenge.  Have you ever seen Party Monster
I mean … those are wings!
Watching Party Monster is like watching an instructional video for Lady Gaga’s wardrobe department.  It’s art, it’s camp, it’s fashion, it’s trash-ion, it’s Halloween on steroids.  I have no idea what I’m wearing!  Maybe a tail?

The fashion show component of the evening will be orchestrated by Coco Coquette, and judged by Michael Barnes (Austin American-Statesman), Lauren Smith Ford (TRIBEZA Magazine), and Happy Mercado (Tito’s Vodka).  All of the looks are being constructed and styled by local Austin fashion designers, and winner gets $1000!

Afterward is the variety show / cocktail hour / dance party presented by Mouthfeel, which includes the afore-mentioned drag show, from Feonix Firestone.

You can RSVP here!