Generous Art.

Instead of starting off today’s post with a breezy little story, I’ve decided to first blow your mind with some art.

Isn’t this stuff kinda rad?
Back in college, I was a studio art minor, and it was always something I wish I had kept up with.  I have very little natural artistic talent.  Enthusiasm, yes; native ability … no.
The most treasured piece of art I ever made is a dinosaur.  Or, more accurately, a Tyrannosaurus Rex.  If you saw it at my parents’ house, you might mistake it for a paper weight, or possibly a shiny, dried piece of vomit.  That’s because it’s not “dinosaur color,” like green or brown, but Every Color, i.e. maroon and blue and vague tans and a vain attempt to mix purple and yellow together.  I made it when I was six, and my mother proudly displays it in the living room, on the shelf next to my dad’s CD’s. Tyrannosaurus Rex is currently guarding his friends Bonnie Raitt, Al Jarreau and Randy Newman.   
To compensate for my lack of personal work, I add art to my home.  I love mixed media.  And some photography.  Screen printing, paintings; last year I went through a huge wall decal phase.  I hung up seven pieces of art on the wall catty-corner to my home office desk a few weeks ago.  So when an adorable little publicist got in touch with me about Generous Art, an online art gallery that gives a large portion of your art purchase to a charity of your choosing, I was like … “ooooh.”  Tell me more, little publicist!
Generous Art was founded by local artist Jennifer Chenoweth, and launches this month.  It hosts work by established artists here in town, and after you make a purchase, you are then directed to a page where you select a charity to donate 40% of your art purchase.  Isn’t that a wonderful idea?  There is a free, lavish launch party for it tomorrow night at The W, 3rd Floor, from 5:30-8:30pm (here are more details).  If you’re an Austinite, are you going?

Thanks to L. Renee Nunez (top) and Virginia Fleck (bottom) – both featured artists on Generous Art – for the gorgeous images above.