Friday Link Party: The Twelve Films Project.

“The Cathedral of Junk is an art project created by Vince Hannemann in Austin, TX. It’s part clubhouse, part social experiment (he gets anonymous boxes of junk to add to the Cathedral) and totally wonderful to walk through.”

This is one video in a twelve-part series made by Austin filmmaker Christian Remde, founder of The Twelve Films Project.  In lieu of this blog’s regular Friday Link Party, I’ve decided to solely focus on Christian, since I am just that into what he’s doing.
Every month, Christian is making a new film, to celebrate the fact that he got a new Canon 7D camera in December.  In May, he shot a documentary on Bryce Gilmore (owner of Odd Duck food trailer), and in September, he’s shooting a short narrative film at Austin-Bergstrom Airport.

“The September film is called Layover and is set in an airport late at night. It’s got a larger cast than my other narrative films and we’ll be shooting it at the Austin-Bergstrom Airport overnight.”

The Twelve Films Project is an extension of Christian’s New Year’s resolutions, and as everyone knows, I love a quirky New Year’s idea.  I chose a New Year’s “word” – openness – which led to aerial silks dancing, which I am now completely obsessed with. 
You know what I am also open to?  A VACATION.  So I booked one!  Kind of on a whim.  It’s for Ross (husband) and I, it is a weekend in Fredericksburg.  This whole summer Ross has been building a music studio in our backyard, with no breaks, and while I did get to go on a pretty fab trip to New York, that was for work.  Now I want to go somewhere where I decide when to wake up, where I decide whether it’s OK or not to drink wine at 11:00am (answer: yes), and where I decide to ignore my gadgets.  
In fact, I don’t think I’m taking any.  Just this:

That is a plastic camera my friend, with real film.  I’ll share my pictures when I get them back!
hope you have a wonderful weekend!