The Scarlet Header.

Monday night, my fellow redhead friend Amy and I had a little girls’ date in her ‘hood, which just so happens to be down the street from mine.
We found these giant … asterisks? on our way.  “Clearly,” we said, “those asterisks would like us to take our picture in front of them.”
(If you’re here in Austin by the way, that’s the wall of Top Drawer Thrift Store on 49th and Burnet.)
We vamped it up a little on this park bench too, because, well why not?  I’ve got red hair, you’ve got red hair.  Here’s a perfectly good bench.  Three excellent reasons to have a mini photo shoot.
Oh Reader.  Are you mad at me for taking a break from doing more writing on this blog?  More lengthy, storytelling-esque posts?  
Because I’m a little mad at myself.  Truth be told, I took on a zillion freelance assignments last month, which may or may not have been a wise plan.  I mean, it was wise in the ch-ching! sense, but not so wise in the having-clever-or-even-legible-sentences-to-spare-on-my-blog sense.
I hope you’ll forgive me for turning August into a more picture-laden month on Austin Eavesdropper. Because that’s what we’re going to get.  Danger Kate (my camera) is doing a fine job of capturing my adventures, so I’m going to let her take the helm for the next few weeks while I finish up all my stories!  Here’s one I wrote about chandeliers.
Also: one exciting tidbit to tell you.  Did you know that my husband and I are building a music studio in our backyard?  The concrete gets laid tomorrow!  
It’s for my husband’s music school for kids and grown-ups, and will officially launch in September.  I am so incredibly proud of him I could just burst.