Meet me at the speakeasy, buy me some giggle water.

Sneaky kitty!

Last Sunday night, I went to a party hosted by our friends at Vintage Vivant.
As you can see, the night was ’20s and ’30s themed.
So three red-headed broads – Rene* (left), Amy (middle) and I (right) – recognized this as a perfect excuse to get dolled up, head on down to the juice joint, and have ourselves a keen time!  

Look how serious we are with the camera.

… but things got silly pretty quickly!
I wish I could transport every non-local person I know down to Austin for one time in their lives, and escort them personally to a Vintage Vivant party.  It’s held each month at this luscious throwback bar called Swan Dive, and people go all out for it.  The gents wear suspenders.  The gals wear pearls.  There’s usually a silent film projected onto the wall, and sometimes a live musical accompaniment.  They like to – as the VV girls say – party like it’s 1929.
And you know something?  When I started this blog at 25 years old, I went out a lot.  I’d been cooped up in grad school for two years and was ready to get my mid-twenties kicks.  When it comes to nightlife now though … I am much more selective.  And by ‘selective,’ I mean ‘lazy.’  The main event for me on Sunday nights is typically a date with my book, in bed, and sometimes, Claudia (my cat) is invited too.  It’s pretty exclusive.
So things have to sound pret-ty, pre-ty good (Larry David voice) for me to go OUT out.  Vintage Vivant more than does the trick.
*Rene made both her dress and mine!  She’s a talented lady.