Friday Link Party!

Happy Friday, world!
I am about to jump up and do the splits, because I finally finished a mondo article I’ve been working on the past couple of weeks.  And while writing it, I got an idea!
See, I love it whenever other bloggers do a weekly “link round-up.” And since I read so many blogs myself, I thought it might be interesting for you all to see the other corners of the Internet where I hang out.
Besides other Austin blogs, I actually spend the majority of my time on art / craft / visual inspiration blogs.  And because the story I was working on last week focused on the Austin art scene, I made one completely rad, eyes-bugging-out-in-cartoon-like-fashion, discovery:

These photographs are by the multi-talented Austin artist, Alyson Fox, who also did these color study designs, below.

… and these illustrations.

Alyson Fox does it all, folks.  
She draws.  She designs jewelry.  She takes pictures.  She makes this flatware.  She is probably doing something right now that the art world hasn’t even invented yet.
I had heard of her before, but how did it take me so long to discover the Alyson full monty?  I could get lost in her website, and I love her big, bold use of negative space.  She used to be an Anthropologie visual display designer, just like my little sister-in-law.  
Here are links to more of my favorite spots on the Internet:
Walls that will blow your freaking mind. Seriously!  Go look, then come back and let’s talk about it.  How badly do you want one of those walls?
Cheap date night activities, from one of my favorite funny bloggers.  Mandi is a gifted designer, and part of the Freckled Nest collective (who I hired to redesign this blog).
The Beatles, in watercolor.  Kelly Ann, who writes that blog, is the artist who designed Austin Eavesdropper!
Vintage inspiration from “Sew-It-Yourself.”  I want to curl on up in those grainy photographs, and wake up to sun-drenched ’70s mornings.
I hope you enjoyed your first Friday Link Party as much as I did.  Let’s do it every week!

have a great weekend.