Friday Link Party + Rene Geneva.

Me post-party.

I went to an Austin Fashion Week trunk show last night for my best buddy Rene Geneva (whom you may remember her from our blue wall), at Bella Salon here in town.  But lo, I forgot Danger Kate!  
It was ok though, because I had my camera phone.  Crisis averted.
Let’s take a moment to appreciate both A) those grid tights Rene is wearing, and B) that utterly delightful floor.  I now want both of those prints somewhere in my life.  Don’t you?  
For Friday Link Party today, I thought I would link to three creative lifestyle bloggers who embrace life offline.  I talked about my new vision for Austin Eavesdropper on Wednesday, and life offline is a big part of it!  Powering down the phone … shutting the computer … and living.  It’s a movement.  
Moorea is a jewelry designer, graphic designer, and all-around badass in Seattle.  I loved this guest post on baking spiked cakes.  
Liz is a cute nerd who lives in my old home: Sacaramento!  You will find much to enjoy here – such as Liz’s outfit posts and her craft/beauty tutorials, like DIY: Leopard Print Nails – but I especially loved her recent post on biting off more than you can chew, and not letting the Internet rule your life.
My friend Kelly Ann introduced this sweet blog to me.  I don’t know the blogger Whitney personally, but I adore her washed-out photography and sweet snapshots of domesticity.  

Offline excitement: Date night with Ross tonight, finishing a DIY chandelier this weekend, going to a “meditation mob” (!) at the capitol and then a 1920s/30s themed party on Sunday.  I hope you have the most wonderful weekend!