Food + Contemplation.

I whipped up a little dinner for myself after last night’s party, and then probably stayed up until 3:00am thinking.  That modest meal provided a lot of brain power.
Now don’t be fooled — there are beans under that kale and tomato mixture.  Ross is a veritable Bean Ninja, and makes legume creations about once a week.  I layered the veggies on top of it, because after a week of New York eating (pizza, bagels, huge salty street cart pretzels), I’m craving fresh plants in my system.  The drink is kombucha tea, which not everyone loves, but I DO.  We make it sometimes at our house.  This is a Pro Kombucha Household, and I like to feel fancy by drinking it out of a wine glass.
Anyway.  Last night after dinner, I got to thinking about the direction I want to steer Austin Eavesdropper.  
Actually, I’ve been contemplating this a lot lately.
I’ve had to make many little adjustments to my blog over the years, letting it grow and evolve, and honing in on my vision.  I didn’t have one when I started this blog.  I just knew I had all these different ideas for creating content, and wanted to try them all: Nightlife posting, interviews, restaurant reviews, photography.  
But last night, I finally got a clear, future picture of Austin Eavesdropper, and I couldn’t fall asleep until I typed out all of my ideas.  Isn’t that the way creativity works sometimes?  You just have to quiet your mind, and let this external wave of insight descend on you.  
When you blog, or operate a small business / brand, you have to tweak your goals all the time.  At least I feel that way.  And part of tweaking your goals is being really, really honest about what you want to do with your life, which for me has always been enormously difficult to define.  I’ve been a yoga teacher, an English professor-in-training, a freelance writer, a book publicist, and once, I dressed up as a giant teddy bear in a sparkly Christmas dress at a local gift shop.  I think it’s cute when people ask if blogging is my job.  But alas, it’s just my hobby!  This hobby has led to professional opportunities though, opportunities that I’d like to keep pursuing.
Over the next few months, I will start rolling out this new, tightened-up Austin Eavesdropper, and get less “vague” about this mysterious vision.  I’m terribly excited!  Scared too … but mostly excited.   
What personal goals or dreams are you working toward right now?