Brandi Strickland Giveaway Winner!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Is that you, Charlie Sheen?
No!  It’s the winner of the awesome Brandi Strickland art giveaway!

So are you ready to hear who’s WINNING?
Yeah, I guess so!

Entry #15 wins, and low and behold, it’s my buddy Liz Groh!
Liz is getting married this summer to a strapping beau.
(Just accidentally rhymed — did you know?)
Anyway, enough silliness: Congratulations, Liz!  I’m so happy you won Brandi’s art, and also happy for your upcoming nuptials!
Thank you to all 252 of you who entered the contest.  Brandi is a fantastic mixed media artist, and if this is your first time on Austin Eavesdropper, I recommend spending some time right now on her site.  To check out my recent interview with her, click here.