It’s Friday! And exactly two months ’til ACL!

Guess what: I just applied for my ACL Fest press credentials. 
And you know what?  It got me all excited about the line-up this year.
Now last year’s ACL was pretty cool — let’s not forget the near religious experience I had at the Flaming Lips show — but WOW.  The 2011 lineup is bananas.   So let’s celebrate Friday with an ACL mix!  Everyone below is performing here during the festival, with the exception of Twin Sister.  I just really like their song, “All Around And Away We Go,” and I’m pretty sure you will too.  It’s the perfect weekend jam.  
Since every year some band has to inevitably drop out of ACL, I’d like to put it out there into the universe that Twin Sister would be a more than worthy substitute.  Cool?  Cool.

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