Guest blog at Free People

Well this is pretty fun!  I’m guest blogging over at Free People today.

It’s a post about my 5 Favorite Things About Austin, since Free People just shot their July 2011 look book here.  Favorites include vintage, hippie style … as well as bacon.
I got to hang out with some of the Free People girls while they were here in town last month for The Happen-Ins show, and we had a grand old time.  I told them about Austin, they told me about their hometown (Philly) … which prompted immediate It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia gushing from my end.  Best show on television.
Now Reader, I’m going to go ahead and let you assume that I’m looking très Free People today, writing this post.  The truth is, I may or may not have attempted to dye my couch this weekend … without wearing gloves.  My hands might be purple now.  In fact, they might look hands belonging to a mechanic or a Muppet.  “Startling” is the word my husband keeps using today to describe them.