You’re invited to a sexy, sweaty rock n’ roll show.

If you live in Austin, that is. 
And if you do not, well, I’m sorry.  You really should move here!


I don’t know Megafauna or The Pretty Black Chains (yet), but I DO know that The Bright Light Social Hour, The Happen-Ins, and Chinaski are three hip-skakin’ helpings of dance-ready crooners.  I have seriously been dreaming about this line-up for months, and had a teensy part in putting it together!

I interviewed The Bright Light Social Hour a few months ago, and this song — “Back and Forth” — is on my running mix.  But clearly, it would be equally at home on a ‘singing passionately into hairbrush’ mix.

Back And Forth by AustinEavesdropper

Too fun.

Now, you remember The Happen-Ins. We were discussing them yesterday.  Here is another one of my favorite songs by them — “Be Yer Fool.”

If something about this video looks familiar to you, Austinites, that’s because it was shot at The Scoot Inn.  I.e., where I once went to a party dressed up as Andre 3000
Finally, my buddies’ band Chinaski is also playing this show.  Ross is the drummer!  Equal parts glam and steel guitar, a touch of Bowie and a smattering of Georgia Satellites, Chinaski specializes in love songs both sarcastic and heartfelt (but mostly sarcastic). Here’s a picture of them rocking out.

They just finished recording their first album, and it was produced by Mark Deutrom (The Melvins, Tia Carrera).  At the show, they’ll be previewing songs before their official release.  Here’s one of my favorites. 

Do Do Do by AustinEavesdropper

I can’t tell you how pumped I am about this!  I’ve seen all three bands separately, but never together on the same bill.  On Saturday, I’ll be donning an outfit that allows for ample booty groovin.’
The show is at The Mohawk, and tickets are $12 ($15 at the door).
buy tickets here.