Sun in the sky, you know how I feel.

Aesthetically-speaking, I’m going through a certain something right now.
Maybe it’s the new place.  The books I’ve been reading.  Or the simple fact that it’s summer, a time when our busy brains give in a little, and trade our Very Important Ideas for swimming holes and superhero movies.  I’m open to new ideas.
Whatever it is, I’m craving crazy visuals.  In the house department, the clothing department; I’m day-dreaming of trading my current red hair for slightly trashy bleach blonde.  
But until I rush out the door to the nearest punk salon or tattoo parlor, I think I’ll just show you some art I’ve been eyeing lately.

Our poor blank walls are begging for decoration — “Help us!  We are naked!” — so I am hurriedly dressing them up.  The pieces below are high on my list of purchase possibilities.

Bow down to the majesty of mixed media artist, Brandi Strickland.
I’ve blogged Brandi”s art before, and Tweeted her yesterday.  Which presented Reason #503234 why I love Twitter: Austin artist (and one of my past interviews) Erin Hanson immediately Tweeted right back, also a fan of Brandi!  
Yay supportive artist community! Yay Internet!  
(Just for kicks, let’s appreciate some of Erin’s art.)

Yay Popsicles.