Yay! recently hired me to do some home decor writing for them.  Which is good for me, because — as you may know — Ross and I just bought a house, and I desperately need decor inspiration!

I’m going to have two columns at SheKnows, one called “The Inspiration Board” (somewhat like this post from a few weeks ago, only fancier), where I collect and discuss design theme ideas.  My first one, teased below, is on an affair I’m having.  An affair with the color turquoise.

To read the whole thing, click here 
Note the Facebook like and Tweet options … meaningful wink.

The other column will be called “The Unplugged Home.”  That one will be about the adventures of my husband and I living in a low-tech way in our new place. For example, we no longer own a TV!  Which is both freeing, liberating, and admittedly, kind of awful.  I’m now the worst at water cooler talk, I’m hanging onto current events by a thread, I miss my Bravo.  
But on the flip side, I am reading more.  Three cheers for books.
On that note, here is a  question for you.  I’ve had a blog post idea marinating in my mind for a couple of days, called “How to Become a Freelance Writer.”  I get this question from time to time from readers, and I’ve mentally outlined a 5-step process for it.  I have written for both magazines and websites, paid and unpaid, local and national, and thought it might be helpful to share some tips for establishing a freelance writer practice.
Would you all like a post on that topic?